Drinking like a “real” man

For those who don’t know, AskMen.com puts out “Top 10” lists on a fairly regular basis. Now I don’t expect any real kind of complexity from a Top 10 list, but I would think a site with the slogan“Become a better man” could maybe do a better job of helping its readers out.

(Also, find a different way to present the lists because it kind of sucks to have wait for the entire page to load so I can read one entry.)

The Top 10 I’m writing about was called “Drinks Real Men Don’t Order.”

On the surface, that’s exactly the kind of one would expect to find on a website that provides everyone advice on how to become a better man. It’s a list about how to drink like a “real man.”

Cover of "Real Men"

When being a real man goes horribly wrong.

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Why I dropped off the face of the earth

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything and unfortunately it’s not because I have a job (or really anything meaningful to do). Instead it’s the exact opposite: I got bummed out.

The reason? An email I received from a potential employer. The story goes a little like this:  Continue reading

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Drunk Bobby

Not me, but I can relate

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’m currently getting content ready for next Monday (and on into future). Hopefully, I should have the time (and perhaps even a little money) to focus on the blog. 

I should have a few new “Drinking in Public” posts and two new features.

Thanks for your patience.

Distinguished Debauchery

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Drinking in Public: City Bus

Distinguished Debauchery brings you the Drinking in Public series: A how-to for imbibing in places where drinking is slightly less acceptable. It should be noted that most (or all) establishments featured in this series do not allow alcoholic beverages of any kind. So for the sake of not condoning illegal activities: OBEY ALL THE RULES. 

Let’s suppose for a moment you’re on a bus.

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Old briefcases

I’m not really a Christmas person.

I don’t particularly care for gifts, I hate the music and I’m getting pretty sick of winter in general. I buy everything I want (when I can), so the holidays are more about seeing my family.

That being said, I still received gifts – all of which I enjoyed.

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